Software Developer

I love to remove obstacles between people and technology. Whether it's improving the user interface, optimizing the back-end, or tweaking database calls - wherever problems exist, I want to dive in and solve them.

I also love collaborating with other people who are passionate about what they do. Teammates usually describe me as calm, casual, and easy-going.

Selected Work

My Website

I used GatsbyJS to quickly re-design my site in a day.

Random Quote API Site

Accesses the Quotes on Design Rest API and displays quotes with ES6, Sass, and HTML5.

Event Paperwork App

A React app I helped implement at work

Presentation File Server

Full stack work project using a LAMP stack and JS/CSS/HTML5 frontend

My Blog

Read my thoughts on software development! (and other stuff, too)

My First Career - Lighting Design

I worked for 7 years as a professional lighting designer in Portland, OR.

Get In Touch

Whether it's to discuss a new position, ask me what Portland area meetups I recommend, or even ask me a question about a tricky programming issue, feel free to contact me.

You may use any of the methods listed below, although I recommend email for all messages except pressing issues. Text me if you need a response in less than one business day. (Text because I'm not always able to answer my phone, but you can try that, too.)